Commercial Construction


B&L Elevator Services installs only NON PROPRIETARY equipment.  You do not need special computers to plug in, or special devices to get fault codes.  Any elevator contractor can maintain and service the equipment we install (we are sure you will want to stay with B&L for your maintenance needs).   We will work with you and your design team in giving you the best options for your commercial construction.  We won't try to sell you on something more than you need. 

For accessibility needs we supply Niagara Belco lifts and LULA elevators and Stannah and Niagara Belco Chair Lifts.  We can supply you with specifications for every different commercial applications.  

For larger projects we install Global Tardif packages, as well as working with a host of independent elevator companies to build or design custom packages for passenger, freight, and dumbwaiter applications. 

Niagara-Belco Hamilton
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Stannah Commercial
Niagara-Belco Vista