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Residential Elevators

Installation and Maintenance 

Home Elevators

 We are a proud dealer of Federal Elevator elevating devices.  We install the Federal Elevator residential home elevators , elegant and smooth, and we will  ensure that you will have the most trouble free and reliable elevator always at your convenience.  Our A licensed mechanics will make sure everything is installed and maintained properly and to the highest standard.  Every product we use is non-proprietary, so you won't be stuck with equipment that only one company can maintain. 


B&L Elevator, maintains all makes and models of home elevating devices.  Maintenance of your elevating device is critical to its safety and and for continued reliability .  Our EDM-A licensed mechanics have the knowledge and experience to keep your elevating device running smoothly and safely.  Regular maintenance is a critical part of the service life of you lift!  Call or email us to get a quote.

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