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Home Elevators

 We are a proud dealer of Niagara -Belco elevating devices.  We install the Niagara-Belco Victorian home elevator , elegant and smooth, and we will  ensure that you will have the most trouble free and reliable elevator always at your convenience.  Our A licensed mechanics will make sure everything is installed and maintained properly and to the highest standard.  Every product we use is non-proprietary, so you won't be stuck with equipment that only one company can maintain.   The growing world of home elevators has a new competitor.

The all new 2019 redesigned Victorian. Fully Extruded Aluminum Rails come in light weight modular sections. Provides ultra smooth ride and reduces installation times drastically. Modern cab comes standard with brushed aluminum trim, modern luxury cab choices, clear acrylic cab gate and modern LED lighting. Full commercial rated digital variable speed valve and digital position indicators also standard! There is no more elegant home elevator on the market. For those ultra custom applications we have the Victorian HD, Glass Cabs, 96" Cab Heights, 1400 Capacity (where permitted) are just a few features for our full custom design engineering elevating system.
Niagara Belco Victorian

Incline Platform Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts and Stair Lifts

We install and maintain a full line of vertical and incline platform lifts as well as stair lifts.  When there is limited space or a budget that doesn't permit an elevator, these are the perfect answer.

IPL's are an economical wheelchair lift that fits right into your stair case, and folds away to allow passage on the stairs when the lift isn't being used.   The Niagara-Belco AC-105 Model offers a smoother and more stable ride due to it's unique c-shaped rail system design.  Additionally, it doesn't require a mechanical room - everything fits into the sleek and slim upper landing column.

VPL's are wheelchair lifts that can be installed in or outdoors.  They are especially handy when access to a door, porch or  deck is required.  They can be outfitted with many different options including a full self supporting enclosure.  The Niagara Belco ​VISTA​ Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lift is a compact and powerful vertical platform lift that is designed for the harsh Ontario climate. The ​VISTA ​model​ ​provides the user with a  seamless and safe experience. A series of safety features including; emergency stop buttons, emergency lowering hand-wheel and detection safety sensors offer the peace of mind when operating the lift.

Stair Lifts are an economical and efficient mobility vehicle.  They are used where space is at a minimum.  Stair lifts can be installed on all types of staircases.  The Niagara-Belco Stairlift GEN+ is synonymous with comfort and reliability, thanks to its compact and proven  drive system.  With its single-rail design there is no better choice than a Niagara-Belco GEN+ stairlift.

Niagara Belco AC-105
Stannah Stair Lift.jpg
Niagara Belco Vista
Stannah Chair         Gen + Chair


B&L Elevator, maintains all makes and models of home elevating devices.  Maintenance of your elevating device is critical to its safety and and for continued reliability .  Our EDM-A licensed mechanics have the knowledge and experience to keep your elevating device running smoothly and safely.  Regular maintenance is a critical part of the service life of you lift!  Call or email us to get a quote.