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 Excellent Provider of Elevator Maintenance Services

The practical barrier free solution!

     B&L Elevator Services Inc. is owned and operated by Jim Beauparlant, Joe Leone and Tara Gibson.   B&L Elevator Services is a full service elevator company, centrally located in Orillia, with excellent access to all of Central Ontario.  We maintain all types of elevating devices from stair chairs to full size elevators.  B&L Elevator has the best trained and most well rounded technicians in Central Ontario.  Their many years in the field has put them in contact with a very broad range of elevating devices; from older lifts from the 1920's right up to the most complex modern computer controlled devices, our techs are able to repair and maintain your equipment for many more years of reliable service life.  Just like anything that needs service, there is absolutely no reason to limit your maintenance and repair options to the company that manufactured or installed your elevator. Our technicians are trained to service and maintain all makes and models of  elevating devices.  For older equipment, a lot of companies will push modernization instead of properly maintaining it.  For older or non-proprietary elevator systems,  parts are readily available, making maintenance and repair more viable than costly modernizations.  B&L Elevator has experience and quality with great mechanics and excellent service management, together with our service philosophy;  Professional Excellence with Integrity .  For these reasons, B&L Elevator Services  provides excellent maintenance and service

      Remember;  All maintenance contracts must be cancelled within the window that your contractor has set out in the contract.  Usually this is 90-120 days before it AUTOMATICALLY ROLLS OVER.  You definitely DO NOT want this to happen without checking out other maintenance providers.  If your maintenance provider hasn’t been giving you proper maintenance or good service, why automatically roll over the contract and be LOCKED IN for another 5-10 years?  Give B&L a call and we’ll gladly get you a free estimate for maintaining your elevating device. 

     When your tired or neglected elevator is in need of modernization, B&L will provide services to get your old equipment updated and running reliably.  We only use NON-PROPRIETARY controllers and machines.  

     We also install new quality elevators and accessibility lifts supplied by local Ontario/Canadian Based companies.



With the most comprehensive maintenance package in the industry, our techs can extend the life your older equipment, keeping it running reliably for years to come.


We Only Sell and Install Non-Proprietary Equipment.   

Most of our products are purchased from Local/Ontario/Canadian businesses.  We are a proud Niagara-Belco dealer.


A cab face-lift is all your elevator may need.  A properly maintained elevator can give you 30+ years of reliable service life, but  neglect can cause premature wear and require modernizing.  


Sometimes all you need are some minor modifications to your elevating device.  Things such as additions of keypads/fobs, car top railings, tamper proof push buttons and light curtains are a call away.


Even with the best maintenance, all equipment has a life span.  Eventually repairs bigger than those that can be done on a maintenance visit will be required.  We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to repair your elevating device.


We can help your organization to comply with accessibility requirements.  We install locally manufactured quality accessibility lifts including:  stair chairs, incline platform, vertical enclosed and LU/LA lifts.

Elevator Maintenance Construction Modernization and Repair
  • Best Local Area Mechanics
  • Leaders in Customer Service
  • Best Maintenance Package Available
  • Leaders in Innovative Repair & Modernization
  • Non-Proprietary Equipment
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Service All Elevator Makes & Models
Dropped Your Keys?

We can retrieve your keys or any other items like phones, wallets and cards if they have been dropped down the elevator hoistway.  

24/7 Phone Monitoring

All elevators with emergency phones require a 24/7 phone monitoring system.  We offer this service in our maintenance packages.  

1-705-325-0330 or 1-866-325-0330

Service Calls

We have the expertise and the commitment to keeping your elevator running at its best.  We will keep TSSA directions and callbacks to a minimum.  More TSSA inspections can mean more cost for the customer.  With TSSA risk assessment system, a well maintained elevator will have less frequent inspections.

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Customer Service

Our customer service is unparalleled.  From our front line techs to our skilled and friendly administration, we will keep you informed and up to date on all of your elevating device issues.  Our office is open from 8:00 till 4:30 Monday to Friday, with Emergency service 24/7.

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